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Care for the Girls™ is a health promotion and disease prevention initiative designed for women of all ages and stages in life to increase knowledge about breast cancer and learn practical action steps to take when concerned about the disease for themselves or a loved one.

The Focus. Now taught in workshops for women across the country Care For The Girls™ is a woman’s empowerment workshop focusing on the critical need for women to understand what their body looks and feels like on a “normal” day, in order to heighten the likelihood they will know the difference when they experience a change. Women in the community who look like, and share cultural and background experiences of workshop members, are trained to covey breast cancer prevention and treatment information in an engaging manner – helping participants to become empowered through the workshop and follow-up process.

The Curriculum. The 3-hour workshop and monthly follow-up activity is extremely popular with women in the area of breast cancer prevention as “the girls” is also a term used by bra fitters for the breast. During workshops, women are encouraged to:

  1. know their bodies by learning how to check them monthly;
  2. notice when a change has occurred and learn what actions to take; and,
  3. see a healthcare professional regularly for a physical and mammography screening.

The Future. The popularity of Care For The Girls™ continues to grow. The education concept has been expanded beyond breast cancer to empowering women to conduct full-body examinations using a fun proprietary health education toolkit developed by EQL Experts. Women learn to use the tool during the 3-hour workshop and can check their progress with an easy to use portal.

Support. To support efforts for Care For The Girls™, please send your inquiry below or contact the EQL training team contracted for this project via our contact us page.

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EQL capitalizes on the skills and expertise of professionals in the health promotion and disease prevention arena to train and implement the workshops it conducts. These experts typically have advanced degrees in a plethora of health and human service related areas and participate in a certification process using the evidence based curriculum selected for the community in need to insure content mastery.
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