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EQL is proud to have brought the scientific, evidence-based Body&Soul (B&S) health promotion program to faith-based organizations in Southern Nevada. For years, Dr. Day (EQL -Executive Director) served as National Coach to the National Cancer Institute while promoting expansion and adoption of B&S throughout the United States. She brought the successful program to the Las Vegas faith community and currently serves as the fiscal agent for the Southern Nevada B&S Coalition. Working with church teams trained by EQL, B&S Advocates conduct education and outreach initiatives at their churches and in the community consisting of: healthy fruit and vegetable food demonstrations, lecture series featuring local health practitioners, and create fun and engaging youth and family activities to increase fruit and vegetable consumption.

The Curriculum. Historically, places of worship have been vital health information sources and therefore are the cornerstone of B&S activities. The B&S nourishes an environment for churches to embrace and celebrate good health through healthy eating. The program teaches congregation members the connection between health and spirituality, how to feel empowered to take charge of their own health by eating more fruits and vegetables, and how to live healthier by reducing fat and increasing physical activity.

The Focus. EQL trains members of B&S teams throughout Southern Nevada to become B&S Advocates. After completing 30+ hours of education focusing on diet and nutrition, Advocates are tasked with the responsibility of carrying out B&S food demonstrations, creating, implementing and monitoring a B&S church health policy ensuring a fruit and vegetable option is available at each food oriented function offered under the name of the church, conducting church-wide health eating education and food tasting activities.

The Future. With the guidance and coaching of EQL Experts, The SW Regional B&S Coalition has received multiple sources of external funding and is currently working with EQL to launch a collaboration with the University of Nevada, School of Medicine and its medical school students wherein both entities (future doctors and congregation members) gain valuable communication experience through structured interactions with one another. EQL is presently seeking federal nonprofit (501c3) status for the growing SW Regional B&S Coalition.

Support. To support efforts for Body&Soul, please send your inquiry below or contact the EQL training team contracted for this project via our contact page.

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Promotion & Prevention.

EQL capitalizes on the skills and expertise of professionals in the health promotion and disease prevention arena to train and implement the workshops it conducts. These experts typically have advanced degrees in a plethora of health and human service related areas and participate in a certification process using the evidence based curriculum selected for the community in need to insure content mastery.
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